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Leeza's energetic expertise will engage and educate your audience. Her interactive presentations cater to corporate crowds, C-suite executives, and industry leaders. She has spoken at national legal and technology conferences, lectured at universities, and headlined continuing legal education events. Leeza's keynote presentations and executive education sessions are unique, offering insightful, actionable steps on cybersecurity, the Metaverse, privacy, and tech.

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Expert Keynotes & Lectures

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The Human Side of Cybersecurity

Despite the importance of hardware, software, and code for cybersecurity - the human element will always be the most significant puzzle piece.

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Refreshing the Cybersecurity Landscape

The field of cybersecurity is constantly changing, as are the related threats and threat vectors. Stay vigilant by staying on the cutting edge.

Financial institutions have serious data privacy and cybersecurity obligations; learn more about what best practices apply.

Financial Data Privacy:
401k, Banking & Cybersecurity
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An Overview of U.S. Privacy Law

Privacy laws in the United States are changing at a rapid pace. Stay up-to-date on the latest legislation and how it may impact your business.

Cybersecurity in the C-Suite

Cybersecurity must be addressed by every member of the C-Suite. This seminar addresses the obligations, risks and rewards that C-Suiters must appreciate.

Cybersecurity & Privacy in the Metaverse

As the Metaverse develops, get ahead of legal challenges and obligations with a proactive seminar on the history of the tech, an overview of best practices, and more.

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